Randy Etheridge

Randy Etheridge

Chief Operating Officer

About Randy Etheridge

Randy has over 35 years of experience in the oil & gas, renewable energy and fossil power generation industries. His experience covers business development and regional and corporate senior management for companies such as Siemens, Stewart & Stevenson, Caterpillar, Lectrix, Acciona Energy,Tessera Solar and Toshiba International.  At Toshiba, Randy held several positions including Director of Business Development, General Manager of Transmission & Distribution and Energy Solutions, GM/VP of the Photovoltaic Group, as well as Chief Marketing Officer of the Photovoltaic division.

Randy has extensive experience identifying and leading teams in the development of projects from the initial discovery phase through commissioning and operations. Randy has developed over 65 MWs of concentrating solar, over 230 MWs of solar photovoltaic, over 200 MWs of gas fuel combustion generation, and over 200 MWs of battery storage.

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