Lease your land for solar, wind or battery storage


Generate a passive income stream for up to 40 years
Accelerate and enhance your retirement plan
Support clean and sustainable energy for your community
Be a part of the clean energy revolution
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Proteus not only offers competitive rates for the use of land, but we also include several provisions in our agreements that are beneficial to landowners:

  • We allow landowners to continue conducting operations until the day construction commences. Certain farming and grazing activities can even continue during operations
  • We restore the property to its preexisting condition at the end of the project life
  • We pay for any increase in property taxes due to the solar project
  • We are available 24/7 and offer transparent communication channels throughout the development, construction and operation process
  • We work with the most respected environmental consultants in the industry to ensure that our projects do not harm the property or the surrounding environment

Work with us  

Proteus Power was formed in 2021 by industry veterans to develop renewable energy projects across the United States and Canada in order to help accelerate the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

Our team have a track record of successfully developing, financing, constructing and/or operating over 6 GWs of renewable energy projects. We value landowners as our most important stakeholders and partners. We believe that a long-term relationship can only be successful with full transparency and alignment on the final objective: developing successful projects.

In addition to a clean and sustainable source of energy

We view each project as an opportunity to bring economic growth to local communities. Solar, wind and battery storage projects create numerous construction and maintenance jobs. Local governments and schools also benefit from increased tax revenues from our projects.

"We believe the passive income that our projects generate for landowners will help secure their financial future while keeping the land in the family for generations to come"

The process



Contact us

Let us know that you are interested in leasing your land.  You only need to give us the location and size of your parcel and we will get back to you regarding the suitability of your site to develop solar, wind or battery storage.

1 - 2 Days


Feasibility studies

Once we agree on the main lease terms under an LOI, we will engage in detailed engineering, transmission capacity and environmental studies. If the results of the studies are favorable, we will negotiate a full lease agreement.

1 - 2 Months


Project development

We will secure all the permits and licenses required to construct and operate a solar project, including all environmental permissions, zoning, transmission approvals, engineering studies, and tax abatements.

2 - 3 Years


Project construction

Once the project is fully permitted, we will begin construction of the project and requisite interconnection facilities. We work with the highest quality component suppliers to deliver top-of-the-line projects.

6 - 12 Months


Project operation

Once the construction is finalized and all relevant tests have been carried out in order to commission the project, electricity will be generated and injected into the grid.

25 - 40 Years


Project decomissioning

At the end of the lifetime of the project, we will remove all construction elements from the land and restore the land to its original condition.

Landowners start generating a passive income stream